Friday, March 28, 2008

Did we miss this? HR Summit to be held in June

Wow I am a little behind here! But I happen to be reading through some press releases and I think this one seem to have slipped under my radar in December. Of course results from meetings like this are always relevant to our group as many of you will be these "future leaders". I think it should be an interesting follow up from the 8R's report in 2005. Direct from the CLA website:

Canadian library community planning Summit on human resources

"Canada’s leading library stakeholders are addressing one of the key issues in the field by planning a major national summit on human resources. The 2008 Library Human Resources Summit will bring together an invited group of participants, who represent key associations, employers, government officials, and other stakeholders in the Canadian library community. The Summit will develop a national strategy and action plans to ensure that Canadian libraries will have the great leadership we will need in our librarians and information professionals, in order to meet Canada’s knowledge and information management needs in the first three decades of the 21st century."

Click here to read then entire press release.

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