Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Here we are.

There are hundreds of millions of abandoned blogs. Contrary to the impression you might have from its recent history, this blog is not one of them. As of today, this blog is back. To those who've kept clicking over to this blog from the CLA Website and from the NLIP-IG Facebook group: thank you for your (astonishing) persistence. We promise never to keep silent so long again.

Who's "we"? The NLIP-IG has two new convenors: Dagmara Chojecki and me, Sarah Polkinghorne. Let me introduce you to Dagmara.

Dagmara notched both a BA (Art History, 2005) and an MLIS (2007) from McGill University onto her belt before hitching it up and heading out west. In Edmonton, Dagmara, with her arts & languages backgrounds, proved her consummate adaptability by thriving at the John W. Scott Health Sciences Library as a member of the University of Alberta Libraries' Academic Library Internship program. This assignment in health sciences librarianship was a match for the ages. She's currently the Knowledge Management Officer with the Knowledge Utilization Studies Program (KUSP), a research unit within the Faculty of Nursing at the University of Alberta. Dagmara will be presenting her work with LOCKSS at the NetSpeed Conference later in October, but if you have to miss her there, you can reach her at dagmara dot chojecki at nurs dot ualberta dot ca.

We'll be rolling out the NLIP-IG's 2008-2009 year here over the next few weeks (conference event plans, mentorship opportunities, etc.). Get in touch, won't you?

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